Healthcare domain applications for a core AI/ML product company

A US-based company provides enterprise-grade artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms and solutions to Fortune 50 companies and other large organizations in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, and Finance Services sectors. The company’s large client base in Healthcare includes payers and providers. The platform automates critical business processes, including claims workflows and document processing, and accelerates its customers’ digital transformation journey. Their solutions help insurers process a massive number of claims, and other healthcare companies speed up document collection, scanning, and digitization.

The Challenge

The company’s core R&D team focuses on improving the platform’s AI and ML capabilities with agile process and methodologies. But they need to apply the core technology to multiple industries with in-depth knowledge of each vertical and build specific UI and workflows for each type of end-user. The company conducts many demos and is required to build applications for prospective customers in healthcare. They want to bring the same rigor of agile, knowledge of healthcare dependencies, and process relationships to create healthcare applications and use cases. The leadership team wanted a technology partner with Healthcare domain knowledge, product engineering and agile expertise to execute these projects, and optimize performance and user experience.


Newscape Consulting offer s niche technical and domain-focused solutions to healthcare companies . Newscape brings in-depth program management and agile project management expertise to execute technology projects . The company brings out the value and capabilities of AI /ML tool s for client s to achieve tangible results from their automation projects .


Newscape developed a blueprint for project management that mapped out the dependencies and process relationships for the domain-specific showcase applications. The team detailed out and sequenced the activities, and set up epics and stories in JIRA. The Newscape Scrum masters drove the agile ceremonies and helped clear impediments for multiple engineering teams

The engineering teams from Newscape extended the intelligent document processing functionality, enhanced the UI, and worked on performance improvements on the platform. In addition to a senior Scrum master, the team consisted of core product engineers and UI /UX specialists with significant Healthcare expertise.

The healthcare claims, contracts, medical documents were scanned and fields identified using OCR in the product. The user annotated and edited each document after the scan. However, scanning and processing large documents was slow, with each page being converted to an image and then interpreted. Newscape studied the problem and proposed performance improvements, including compressing the documents to reduce file size.

The existing core user interface of the platform was complex and not very user- friendly. Newscape’s UX experts brought their domain expertise and did a heuristic analysis of the platform to build user personas and identify inefficiencies in the application workflows. The UI engineers developed a solution using the Angular framework that added new designs specific to the domain.

Tools & Technologies


Python for AI /ML


Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting


Microservices architecture


Angular for UI


Kubernetes, Docker for orchestration, deployment




Data Storage

  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra linear scalable data store
  • across multiple locations
  • Graph Database/Neo4J

API Gateway

  • Kong Hub

Flask framework



Newscape provided the perfect complement to the company’s core AI /ML product to build Healthcare use cases and applications. The team identified and optimized workflows to offer a great experience to the healthcare end users.


The application’s user experience improved significantly due to intuitive UI and user friendly workflows made by Newscape’s experienced UX/UI teams with expertise in the Healthcare domain.


Newscape’s Healthcare experience and agile project management expertise helped the company build and execute on in-depth customer requirements. Newscape directly contributed to the business by building and executing the healthcare application roadmaps, detailing out the activities with dependencies between them, and executing them to closure.


Newscape is a young and vibrant company with an open and flexible work culture. We offer niche technical and domain focused solutions to our clients. We have a well-experienced work force to help you achieve your goals.

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