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We are one of leading Digital Transformation consulting firms in US with extensive healthcare experience to improve the user experience and improve productivity in business. With our proven digital transformation strategy consulting, you can take your business to next level. Our professional services help in integrating your legacy platforms with latest technologies where the world is moving rapidly. We have broad spectrum of business process experience in Healthcare arena.


Making key business decisions on the basis of data is a proven paradigm, We can help you design processes and application that help derive key insights from your business data enabling you to make sound decisions, we offer the below, Advanced analytics in the Healthcare domain can used for multiple use cases like analysis of the effects of various care plans over various groups of peopleand get meaningful insights for cost transparency of such plans:


Data Analytics Roadmap


Data Science Advisory


Advisory for the right data analytics tools & platforms


Robust processes for generating data insights.


Meaning full slicing & dicing of data for effective dashboards.


Architecture for Predictive Analytics


AI/ML based services are expected to enhance the quality of automation and intelligent decision- making in primary/tertiary patient care and public healthcare systems driving more operational efficiencies. We partner with you to define, design & implement your AI, ML use cases, establish the right platform architecture and algorithms, simplify architecture, and ensure successful outcomes.

Newscape can be a potential partner for your AI/ML based journey to help you advanced functionalities like predicting risk using AI & ML models from patient data to schedule interventions  and improve patient care and many other too. Read More

RPA (Virtual Employees)

Newscape is one of the leading Digital Transformation consulting firms in US. We support the evolution of businesses for the clients through process automation and offers implementation of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) the emerging digital technology consisting of both services and software robots to companies that allows them to transact in any given IT application, legacy systems, website or mainframe for automating complex and rule-based work.

Our Robotic Process Automation services enable healthcare providers to maintain an efficient operational infrastructure while it’s client base keep increasing , this is very much possible by using  software robots to streamline a portion of its processes.

 Newscape offers Digital Transformation consulting services to identify repetitive tasks that can be designed into effective RPA and provide a holistic RPA adoption roadmap to enable intelligent automation for your healthcare business.

Mobility where the world is moving

The rise of digitalization has greater impact on healthcare industry. Mobility is transforming the healthcare industry too fast. The rise of digital patient record systems has allowed doctors and nurses to use laptops and tablets for patient diagnosis and documentation. Mobile applications are Assess Your Digital Transformation Readiness with Newscape helping medical offices, hospitals, and assisted members to deliver prescription information to pharmacies, submit insurance claims to payor, and even deliver real-time information.

After covid-19 pandemic every one follows the work from anywhere approach. The world is moving towards remote operations.


Instant access to patient information.


Interactive reports to visualize the things.


Quick response to patient query.


Reduced paper work


Provided all required information at the finger tips.

We provide digital transformation consulting services to help you build various healthcare applications to meet your business needs.

Payor centric application

User can access the member enrolment reports, claim reports, billing reports, customer queries.

Provider centric application

This will help to assist doctors, nurses, staff to study the member history and provide specific advice to member remotely.

Member centric application

This will help member to stay aware of the upcoming changes in healthcare by receiving monthly health E-magazines, assist member to choose the right benefit plan for self/family.


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